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Il testo di tipo o pasta qui.


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About the Translation You Just Received
The Enterprise Translation Server from Transparent Language automatically generated this translation. Using the Enterprise Translation Server, offers fast, world-class automatic translation for basic comprehension of text or web pages. Offered at no charge, is intended for general purpose use, and the dictionaries are not tuned for specific language or terminology of any industry.

Products and Service to Meet Your Translation Needs

Enable cross-language communication in your business with the Enterprise Translation Server!

Your business needs a translation solution that is;
  • Integrated with the applications you use everyday,
  • Provides Secure Translations,
  • Produces consistently Comprehensible translations,
  • With the Performance and Scalability your business needs.
Installing an Enterprise Translation Server on Your network will provide all of this and more.

Integration - The enterprise Translation Server is easily integrated with common collaboration and workflow systems, including;
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Frontpage)
  • Lotus Domino/Notes
  • Lotus Sametime (Instant Messaging)
    The well-documented API provided with Enterprise Translation Servers makes integration with your e-commerce site, extranet, portal or any other application quick and easy.

    Security - To ensure that your information stays confidential you need to keep it in-house. An Enterprise Translation Server inside your firewall will provide you with fast and secure translations of email, memos and other documents without exposing them on the Internet.

    Accuracy & Comprehension - Company and industry specific dictionaries provide more accurate translations of your company-specific and industry-specific terminology.

    Performance & Scalability - The Enterprise Translation Server translates more than 3,000,000 words per hour, delivering the through-put to support instantaneous translation requirements of instant messaging, e-mail and other high demand applications. As a server solution the Enterprise translation Server scales to meet your translation needs.

    For more information about the Enterprise Translation Server call us at (800) 332-8851 or visit

    High quality translations--from instant computer-generated to professional human translations--right from your desktop.

    If your translation is in a specialized area, or needs to be perfected for distribution or publication, try Here you will find the best quality, price, and service for translation on the Web. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at

    Services available on
    Premium PlusTranslation: Starting at 19 per word, at the Premium Plus Translation service level we will match your document with a professional translator who is not only bilingual, but also has the industry-specific expertise to expertly understand and communicate the concepts and terminology of the subject matter.

    Personal PlusTranslation: For 12 per word, at the Personal Plus Translation service level a qualified bilingual translator will correct and edit the Automatic Plus Translation for readability and ease of understanding.

    Automatic Plus Translation: For 1 per word, Automatic PlusTranslation is your choice if you need instantaneous translation of unlimited length documents. Use the specialty topic dictionaries for law, business, and more. Format preservation saves you time later. for Corporations
    To help corporations transcend language barriers, offers a reliable internet-based solution, which can meet all of your translation requirements. provides:
    • Fast, easy access to high-quality translation services via the internet any time of day from any location
    • Flexible translation options from computer-generated to professional human translations
    • Fast turnaround, from instantaneous to just 48 hours for documents requiring the highest level of human translation
    • Improved accuracy by matching your documents with industry-specific dictionaries and/or translators
    • Fast, four-step process for submitting and retrieving documents
    • Convenient payment including Corporate Purchase Orders and Credit Cards